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got SFA?

This online forum shares experiences, lessons and learning about the selection, deployment and continuous improvement of Sales Force Automaton software (SFA), Customer Relationship Management software, Social CRM (SCRM) and to a lesser extent Marketing and Lead Management systems.





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about got SFA?

a free thinking and independent review and comparison site of sfa software ideas and applications

gotSFA.com is website, blog and aspiring sales software technology meeting place intended to act as a hub of sales force automation (sfa) software industry research, expert insight, peer advice and independent sfa software reviews and comparisons. this site tackles sfa and related challenges.

  • sales force automation (sfa) systems
  • marketing software and lead management systems
  • social crm (scrm)
  • traditional customer relationship management software

i welcome any comments and inquiries which provide new perspectives and assist our mutual learning. i also appreciate honest and candid feedback to all of this website's content.






got SFA?
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